Minecraft Bees Guide

Minecraft Character Bees

Bees are neutral animals, so they will not attack us unless we attack them. If we attack them, they will attack us by stabbing their stinger and producing a poison effect on the players. Bees, unlike other game animals, have a place to live, in hives and apiaries.

Bees were the only creature that was added in Minecraft version 1.15.


Although it may seem the opposite, bees do not fly as if the Ender Dragon or ghosts do, but they stay in the air a few blocks from the height, just as bats do. Bees are arthropods, so we can cause them more damage if we attack them with a sword that has the Arthropod Bane enchantment. Bees can be tied with a rope, whether they are relaxed or angry.


During the day, bees fly around their nests in search of flowers to extract pollen from. Before extracting pollen from a flower, they will make a circle around the selected flower. Once the pollen is removed, the bee’s skin will change, showing white spots and particles on its back. A bee that has pollen can pollinate carrot, potato, beet, wheat, berry, melon, and pumpkin crops. When one of these crops is pollinated, a growth phase advances, in the same way as if we applied bone powder.

Living place

Bees live in colonies and will take advantage of any empty hive to make it their home. The bees only return to the hive when it gets dark and when it rains. Players can collect a hive of bees, with the bees inside, using a tool enchanted with Touch of Silk. Every time a bee, with pollen, enters the nest, the level of honey increases one point. When the nest has five levels of honey it can be harvested by the players.


As they are neutral creatures, they will only attack the player when he attacks them or when a hive or honeycomb breaks. The attack of the bees is through the nailing of their stinger, which produces a poison effect on the players. Once the stinger is in, they lose the stinger and die in about a minute. We can detect an angry bee by its eyes, which turn red. If we place a bonfire, or a fire, under a hive the bees will not attack the players.


The generation of bees depends on the hives or nests of bees, so the correct thing would be to say that the hives can be generated in the biomes of plains, forests, and hills. For each nest of bees, three bees will be generated.


Life: 5 hearts.
Attack power: 1 heart.
Standard Dropping: Bees will not drop any objects.
Experience per death: Between 1 and 3 points.

Interesting Facts:

Bees are the only arthropod animal that can exist in a peaceful mode.
Bees are the first flying arthropods and the first flying neutral creatures in Minecraft.
Bees are half a block in size.

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