Minecraft Cats Guide

Minecraft Character Cats

The Cats are passive creatures that can be tamed by players and can be found around the villages. At the moment, there are a total of eleven aesthetic variants of cats.

These are animals that can be domesticated by the players and that, as with wolves, when domesticated, a red collar appears on their necks. The color of the necklace can be changed thanks to the use of dyes.

To domesticate a cat we will have to feed it raw cod or raw salmon. Once tamed, the cat will meow often and follow the player, unless we right-click on it, which will cause it to remain seated.

When we sleep in bed at night, our domesticated cats will sleep next to us and there is a 70% chance that, when the character wakes up, the cat will give us an object, random from seven possibilities, as a gift.


We will often be able to see cats roaming the villages, as this is their spawn point. Wild cats, not domesticated, will always try to run away from players. Although they are passive creatures, cats will attack baby turtles and rabbits. While adult cats can float indefinitely in the water, the young will drown if they are not rescued. Although cats are immune to fall damage, they will always avoid falling off cliffs.

Cats can restore their health if we feed them raw cod or raw salmon. In addition, by giving them this food they will go into mating mode giving life to a baby cat. Although slowly, we can increase the growth process of a kitten by giving it raw cod or raw salmon. For each unit of food, its growth is increased by 10%.


Cats spawn around villages, based on the number of valid beds that exist in a village. Specifically, one cat will be generated for every four valid beds in a village. The generation of cats in a village has a limit, and this is a maximum of 10 cats generated per village. In addition to villages, the black cat variant can be spawned in witch huts in the swamp biome.


Life: 5 hearts.
Attack Power: 1.5 hearts, only against rabbits and baby turtles.
Standard drop: Rope.
Experience per death: between 1 and 3 points.

Interesting Facts

During the full moon, 50% of the cats that are generated will be black.
The tuxedo cat variant is inspired by Jeb’s now-deceased cat.
The calico cat and the white cat appear to have heterochromia (one eye of each color).
Cats will see the player even if the player is in invisibility.

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