Minecraft Dolphin Guide

Minecraft Character Dolphin

The dolphin is a neutral creature that lives in any sea or ocean in the game, as long as it is not frozen. Although the dolphins do not attack, if they are hit they will attack in a herd. They can die from being out of the water too long, but also from being in the water too long, as they need to breathe.


Dolphins always swim in groups and jump out of the water to catch air and play. Often times, we will see dolphins chasing players who are going by boat, although they will not attack them, they only chase them. If a dolphin leaves the water, it will suffocate and die within two minutes of being out of the water. They also need to breathe, so if in about four minutes they can’t get out of the water to breathe, they will die.

Dolphins are neutral, this means that they will not attack anyone. However, if a player attacks a dolphin, they will attack in a herd, just like wolves or Zombie Pigman does, since dolphins never swim alone. Although they do not attack anyone, the dolphins flee from the Guardians and the Elder Guardians.

The dolphin is not a creature that can be tamed, however, if a player feeds them raw cod or raw salmon, their confidence with playing will increase and their interaction with the player will increase. In addition, once fed they will swim towards the nearest shipwreck or the underwater ruins closest to their position.


Dolphins only spawn in ocean biomes, except in frozen oceans. Whenever they are generated, they are done in groups of between 3 and 5 individuals. Like squid, dolphins reproduce naturally, provided the right conditions are in place for this to occur.


Life: 5 hearts.
Attack power: between 1 and 2 hearts.
Standard drop: Raw cod.
Experience per death: Does not give experience.

Interesting Facts

When a player swims near a dolphin, they gain the Dolphin’s Grace effect, allowing them to swim faster for 5 seconds.
The sound of the dolphins is real. It is recorded by the sound designer, Samuel Åberg, in the Kolmården Wildlife Park.

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