Minecraft Drowned Guide

Minecraft Character Drowned

The Drowned are an underwater variant of a zombie that will only spawn underwater, although if they want they can get out of the water. It is a hostile creature that can be generated naturally or from a drowning zombie. Eliminating Drowned is the only way to get, without tricks, a trident in Minecraft.


The Drowned have the ability to perform melee attacks, although if they are generated with a trident, they can also perform ranged attacks. The Drowned hate turtles, so they will try to attack them when they see them, in addition to trying to break the turtle eggs by stepping on them. Being a zombie variant, it will attempt to attack villagers, wandering merchants, iron golems, and snowmen. If a Drowned man kills a villager by throwing a trident, there is a chance that the villager will turn into a zombie villager.

Although it is an aquatic creature, the Drowned can get out of the water sporadically. If they do, they will always try to find the nearest water source. During the day they will be in the deep sea ignoring players and other creatures. While at night they will be more active, chasing players and other entities, getting out of the water if necessary. It is worth noting that the Drowned swim as fast as the players, so it will be difficult to outrun them in the water.


These entities can only be generated naturally in ocean biomes and in rivers, within the water. They are always generated at the level of the sea floor, or on the floor of rivers. The Drowned will always spawn with something in their hands, which can be a trident, a fishing pole, or a nautilus shell. Even on rare occasions, a Drowned can be spawned on a chicken, which would be a drowned chicken rider.

In order for a normal zombie to become a Drowned, it will have to have its head submerged under water for a period of 45 seconds. After this time, the zombie will begin a process of conversion into Drowned, which consists of a general tremor of the creature. After spending 15 seconds in this state, the zombie will drown and a Drowned will appear.


Life: 10 hearts.
Attack power: between 1.5 and 4.5 hearts.
Standard Drops: Trident, Nautilus Shell, Gold Ingot, or Rotten Meat.
Experience per death: 5 points.

Interesting Facts

The Drowned Riding a Chicken will float to the surface, causing the Drowned to burn in sunlight. Although if it is night it will not burn.
The eyes of the Drowned seem to emit a light blue glow, like spiders or Endermans, although in reality, they do not emit any light.

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