Minecraft Elder Guardian Guide

Minecraft Character Elder Guardian

The Elder Guardian is a hostile creature that inhabits ocean Monuments. It is a variant creature of the Guardian, but larger and more powerful.

The body has defensive spikes that can extend and retract, and it uses its tail for swimming.


They are the chief protectors of the Ocean Monuments and use their eye to stare at the attackers. The Elder Guardian inflicts the Fatigue effect by Stinging III for five minutes on attackers, within a range of 50 blocks, to prevent them from breaking blocks from the Ocean Monument.

In addition to causing this effect to nearby players, the Elder Guardian has two types of attacks. The first is a beam that deals damage to players who are within its range of action, which is 14 blocks. The second is through the spines protruding from its body, which will cause damage to the players when they are extended, while the player is in contact with it, but not when they are retracted.


The Elder Guardian only spawns in one place in the game, in the Ocean Monuments. It represents being the head of the oceanic Monuments, and therefore its mission is to protect the treasures of the monument. They can be generated at three different points within the same monument. Only one Elder Guardian will spawn in each Ocean Monument.


Life: 40 hearts.
Attack power: Between 2.5 and 5 hearts.
Standard Dropping: Raw Fish, Prismarin Shard, Prismarin Crystals, or Wet Sponge.

Interesting Facts

Along with the Guardians, they are the only creatures that have a dynamic eye.
It is the second creature in the game to drop a block when it dies, instead of an object. The first creature to do so was the sheep, which drops a block of wool.
The Elder Guardian texture has the name “jeb.”

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