Minecraft Foxes Guide

Minecraft character fox

The Foxes are passive creatures that are generated within the Taiga biome. They are nocturnal animals, which sleep during the day and carry out their activity at night. They are very fast, although not as fast as ocelots. Foxes can be tamed by players.

How to tame a fox in Minecraft?

To tame a fox, we will have to make two adult foxes reproduce. To do this, we will give sweet berries to two wolves. This will result in a baby fox, which will already be born tamed by the player. Tamed foxes will attack any entity that attacks its owner.


Although they are passive animals, foxes attack chickens, turtles, rabbits, salmon, cod, and tropical fish. On the contrary, they flee from the players and the wolves. Orange foxes prefer to attack terrestrial entities, such as rabbits, baby turtles, and chickens. While white foxes prefer to attack aquatic creatures such as tropical fish, cod, and salmon.

Foxes sleep during the day, although they will escape if a creature or player approaches. Although if we approach with the character crouched, they will not flee. Foxes are capable of capturing, with their mouths, any object that is lying on the ground, so we will usually see that they carry things in their mouths. During the night, the foxes carry out their activities, which mainly consist of going into the villages to try to steal the crops of the villagers.


The area of ​​generation of foxes will always be the Taiga biome, although, within this biome, they will spawn in the sub-biomes of giant tree taiga and biomes of the snowy taiga. Less frequently they can be spawned in villages within Taiga. Most of the time they are generated during the night since they are nocturnal animals.

The foxes will always be generated in groups of two to four members. Only 5% of the foxes that are generated will be baby foxes. The foxes that are spawned in the snowy taiga biome, instead of having orange fur, will have white fur.


Life: 5 hearts.
Attack power: 2 hearts.
Standard Drop: It will drop any object in its mouth.
Experience per death: Between 1 and 2 points.

Interesting Facts

If a fox dies while holding an Immortality Totem in its mouth, it consumes the totem and revives itself, instead of dying and dropping the Totem.
Foxes are one of the few creatures that can sleep in Minecraft. Other creatures that can sleep include cats , villagers, and bats.

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