Minecraft llama Guide

Minecraft Character llama

The llama is a neutral creature that spawns in the Sabana biome and the Extreme Hills biome. The fur of the llamas can be generated in four colors, white, gray, beige, and brown. Llamas have a long neck, and their ears and muzzle protrude from their faces.

These animals can be tamed by players. To tame a llama we will have to mount ourselves, several times, on top of it, until hearts appear. Once tamed we can ride on it, but not control it. We can make it follow us wherever we go using a rope or rein.

Llamas cannot be equipped with armor, as horses can, but if we place a carpet in their inventory they will get a decoration. Depending on the color of the carpet you will get a design pattern or another.

We can also charge a chest to a llama so that its capacity to transport objects increases, randomly, between three, six, nine, twelve or fifteen squares. To do this we just have to place a chest in our hands and right click on the llama.


Like many other animals in the game, llamas roam the world without a fixed destination. Being a neutral creature, if attacked by the players, they will attack the players, spitting at them only once.

If we have two domesticated llamas we can raise them by feeding them with bales of hay. There is a 50% chance that the pups will get the coat color of their parents.


llama spawn naturally in the world, although only specific biomes appear. The biomes where llamas can be spawned are Extreme Hills and Sabana. In Extreme Hills they will be generated in groups of six entities, while in Sabana they will be generated in groups of four entities.


Life: 15 hearts.
Attack power: 1 heart.
Standard drop: Leather, between 0 and 2 units.

Interesting Facts:

The llama attacks the wolves by spitting at them, and they get angry and turn their eyes red.
If a llama gains the invisibility effect and has a mat equipped, players will still see the mat moving.
They are the only animals in the game that can cause harm to players in peaceful mode.

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