Minecraft Panda Guide

Minecraft Character Panda

The panda is a passive creature that inhabits the interior of the jungle biomes, in the Overworld dimension. To house this creature, a new biome was created, within the jungle biome, called Bamboo Jungle.

The basic color of its coat is white, although it can have black or brown spots, depending on its personality. And it is that it is the only creature in the game with personality variants.


When a panda spawns, it randomly gets a personality. Personality determines their behavior and even their physical appearance. At these times the personalities that a panda bear can have are playful, weak, worried, lazy, aggressive, or normal.

We can get a panda to follow us if we place bamboo in our character’s hand. Every now and then, and randomly, pandas will whine. Pandas are lovers of bamboo, but also of cakes, so they will try to eat either of the two things if they are around.

To make two pandas spawn a baby panda bear, we will have to give bamboo to the two adult pandas.


Pandas can only spawn, naturally, within the jungle biome, in a specific bamboo-filled biome, called the Bamboo Jungle. When the necessary conditions are met for pandas to be generated, they will appear in groups of one or two members.

When a panda is spawned, there is a 5% chance that it is a baby panda. The ambient lighting to be able to generate a panda must be equal to or greater than 7.


Life: 10 hearts.
Attack power: 3 hearts.
Generation: Illumination equal to or greater than 7.
Standard Dropping: Bamboo.
Experience per death: Between 0 and 3 points.

Interesting Facts

To create the panda’s moan, sound designer Samuel Ã…berg went to record the actual sound in Guangzhou, China.
It is the second bear to appear in the game, the first being the polar bear.
The lazy panda is the slowest land creature in the game.
When a player attacks a panda in a village, the villagers will show the status of “angry villager” and the Iron Golems will attack the player.

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