Minecraft Phantom Guide

Minecraft Character Phantom

The Phantom is a hostile, flying creature that only spawns when players have not slept in the game for more than three days. Its body is similar to that of a marine blanket. The predominant color of its body is blue, and eyes are green.


When they don’t have a target to attack, the Phantoms will fly in a circle, leaving a trail of gray particles. When the circumstances are ripe for phantoms to attack a player, they will descend quickly to do so.

Although it is not very common, phantoms can also dive underwater, maintaining the same speed as when they fly, since being undead creatures, they cannot drown. Phantom flees from cats and ocelots.


Phantoms will only spawn if a player has not put their character to sleep in the game for more than three days. They can only be generated at night or in the middle of thunderstorms. They are generated at a height of between 20 and 34 blocks in height, in groups of between one and six entities.


Life: 10 hearts.
Attack power: Between 2 and 5.5 hearts.
Standard Dropping: Phantom Membrane.

Interesting Facts

If a Phantom obtains the invisibility effect, its body will not be seen, but its eyes and the particles that it leaves behind will be seen.
Phantoms have a label that determines their size, so we can modify their size by invoking them through commands.
They do not drown in water, as they are undead.
The Phantom was added to the game by public vote during MineCon Earth 2017.
It is the fastest creature in the game, moving at 20.83 blocks per second.
At first, its texture was red, but it was changed to blue so that it did not look like a creature from the Nether dimension.

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