Minecraft Raider Guide

Minecraft Character Raider

The Raider is a hostile creature, part of the Illagers, that only spawns within a 64 × 64 block area around a raider outpost. Together with the Vindicator, the Evoker, the Illusioner, and the ravager, they make up the five members of the Illagers. One of the outstanding characteristics of this creature is that it is equipped, and attacks, with a crossbow.

His face, as with the rest of Illagers, is very similar to that of a villager, although with the characteristic grayish skin color of the Illagers. The raiders wear reddish pants and jacket, with brown boots. Their eyes are green.


Raiders are equipped with a crossbow, which they use to shoot arrows at their enemies, which are the players, villagers, iron golems, and errant Traders. His attack consists of shooting an arrow every three seconds, at a maximum distance of six blocks away.

The Raider can be part of a raid, alongside other Raiders and a Ravager. The raid represents a wave of Illagers entering a village to kill all the villagers and the Iron Golem. Raids occur when a player enters a village with Bad Omen.


The Raider can be spawned in two different ways, at Raider Outposts and on Patrols. At outposts, they will spawn around these, within a 64 × 64 block area around this structure. While patrols, consisting of a group of five raiders, are randomly generated anywhere on the surface of the world.


Life: 12 hearts.
Attack power: between 1.5 and 3 hearts.
Standard Drop: Arrows, Crossbow, or a Sinister Banner.
Experience per death: 5 points.

Interesting Facts

Raiders will go into melee attack when underwater.
A Raider cannot attack anyone without a crossbow.
If the Raiders manage to kill all the villagers in a village, they will celebrate their victory by jumping and laughing.

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