Minecraft Ravager Guide

Minecraft character ravager

The Ravager is a hostile creature, which together with the Looters, the Vindicator, the Evoker, and the Illusioner, make up the five members of the Illagers group. They only spawn during raids, but not all raids, as a certain condition is required.

Its large body is made up of four legs. On its legs, it has iron shackles and chains, and on its back, it has a saddle. From its head, also large, protrude two horns, similar to those of a bull, which it uses to attack enemies.


Ravagers use their bodies to attack their enemies, which are players, villagers, wandering merchants, and iron golems. Its attack consists of ramming enemies with its horns, as a bull would, for example.

If we block a Ravager’s attack with a shield, we will halve its damage, and there is a 50% chance to stun it for two seconds. After regaining consciousness he will emit a great roar and deal six hearts of damage.


The Ravager only has one way to spawn in the world, and that’s when a raid by the Raiders occurs. Although a Ravager will not spawn every time a raid occurs.

Only one Ravager will spawn in wave 3, while in wave 5 the Ravager will spawn ridden by a Raider, and in wave 7, the Ravager will spawn ridden by an Evoker.


Life: 50 hearts.
Attack power: between 1 and 3.5 hearts.
Standard Dropping: Saddle.
Experience per death: 20 points.

Interesting Facts

Despite its large size and weight, the Ravager can swim.
If the Ravager is ridden by a Raider, the Ravager will jump when the Ravager enters the water.
The developers doubted the name of this creature, between Behemoth or Ravager. Finally, the latter was the chosen name.
To create the Ravager, the developers took inspiration from the mythological creature, Manticore, from Dungeons and Dragons.

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