Minecraft Turtle Guide

Minecraft Character Turtle

The turtles are passive creatures that have the ability to move both on land and in water. Although they are much faster swimming in water than walking on the surface of the world. Its body is made up of a large green shell, from which the head, front legs, and back legs stand out.


Like many other passive creatures, turtles will roam the world without any special destination and when attacked by any player they will try to flee from it. When a turtle is on land, it will always try to find the nearest water source, since water is its preferred medium, although it is also capable of living on the surface of the world.

Although the turtles cannot be tied and guided with a rope, they can be attracted by the players, as long as they have sea grass in their hands, within an area of ​​10 blocks around the turtle. So we can use sea grass to direct them where we want. Also, turtles can be loaded onto boats.


Players can induce two turtles to mate and create offspring. To do this, we will have to feed two turtles with sea grass. Then one of the two turtles will be slightly larger and will have turtle eggs in its inventory. The pregnant turtle will then head to its home beach, where it was first spawned, and will dig in the sand for several seconds to lay the eggs.

Baby turtles

Turtle eggs will be able to hatch both day and night. Players can accelerate the growth stages of turtle eggs by using sea grass. Each unit of seagrass that we apply on the turtle eggs will reduce the time necessary for the eggs to hatch by 10%.


As a general rule, turtles will spawn naturally in warm beach biomes, always during the day, never at night. At the time of generation, they can be generated in groups of a maximum of five turtles. 10% of the turtles generated will contain a baby turtle.


Life: 15 hearts.
Attack Power: They do not attack.
Standard Dropping: One or two units of seagrass or turtle scale.
Experience per death: Between 1 and 3 points.

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