Useful Hats Mod for Minecraft 1.16.1

Useful Hats Mod 1.16

Caps, hats, and helmets that will improve skills and grant beneficial effects to the character.

Useful Hats 1.16.1 will allow you to make a set of hats, caps, and helmets that in the vast majority of cases, beyond being a cosmetic element, will bring various benefits to our character. I say in the vast majority of cases because there are also certain cases where these garments are purely decorative and will not bring any benefit.

Let’s see what these new garments offer. First of all, you can make a purely aesthetic cap, which you can dye in any color. The postman’s hat will offer Speed, but also the effect of Hunger. The Lumberjack Hat allows you to cut wood 20% faster. The top hat allows you to dig 20% ​​faster. The lucky hat will give the Luck effect as long as you have a sword, ax, or fishing rod in the character’s hand.

In terms of cases, you can manufacture the miner’s helmet that will give the effect of night vision and allow you to mine 20% faster. The Aquanaut helmet will give, for a minute, the effect of Conduit Power with limited vision. The wing helmet will give the effect of a slow fall, although the helmet can fly off if enemies appear. Finally, the halo will prevent enemies from attacking, although it will not work with bosses, and you must be careful when using it in the Nether.

How to install Useful Hats Mod for Minecraft 1.16.1?

  • Download Minecraft Forge 1.16.1
  • Download Useful Hats Mod 1.16.1
  • Double click on the downloaded Forge file to run the installer.
  • Paste the downloaded file of the mod into the folder .minecraft / mods
  • You can now manufacture, and use, the hats, helmets, and caps that this mod offers!

Click to Download Useful Hats Mod for Minecraft 1.16.1

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